PACAYA records


PACAYA records is a Gothenburg based independent record label started by Lovisa Samuelsson in 2014. It is now an artist-owned-and-run collective with following bands: Lovisa Samuelsson, Hagaliden, De Stora Hattarna, LAIA arkestra, Fyr., Cats & Dinosaurs, Fartyg 6, Castlewoods and Alexander Ringbäck.

The name "PACAYA records" is taken from the active volcano Pacaya in Guatemala. Pacaya volcano rises 2 552 m above sea level and has been one of Central America’s most active volcanoes over the last 500 years.

“My fascination comes from the experience of climbing Pacaya volcano during night in 2006. Ascending through the dark volcanic ashes and rough, sharp volcanic rocks. The field of steaming soil. Palpable heat of the lava in the wind. The night sky lit up by the long, glowing red-hot lava flow, tumbling down the mountain. Standing hypnotized next to the lava river that slowly flowed down its slope.” 

- Lovisa Samuelsson