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Fartyg 6 - Allt Faller (Preorder - Vinyl)

Fartyg 6 - Allt Faller (Preorder - Vinyl)

This is a Pre-order. The vinyl are ordered and are planned to arrive to us around June. You will get a mail as soon as we are ready to deliver!

List of songs

1. Gå Vidare
2. Mikrokosmos
3. Inombords
4. Visby
5. Intro
6. Fortare
7. Rodret
8. Rännil
9. Sand
10. Guldlin

A groove that breaks down, a jazzy solo that floats into mysterious harmonies, a powerful refrain exploads into chaotic drones. “Evrything’s falling”. Sudden change; an unexpected melody, chrystal clear, a new tempo emerges. “Everything’s falling. Everything’s falling into place”, goes the lyrics.

“Allt faller”(Everything’s Falling - on place) is the main theme in the song "Guldlin" and is title of the Swedish band Fartyg 6’s album released in April 2018. When they released their first EP “Den Första” (The First) it was clear that the group had something completely unique to contribute with to the music scene.
  The band started off as a project initiated by Matilda Andersson where she and the saxophone player Daniel Gahrton put Matildas poems into music. The combination of their different styles of writing created an interesting tension, and the collaboration has been close ever since. Matilda and Daniel are both experienced composers within jazz and other styles and apart from Fartyg 6, they have also written music for larger groups like Bohuslän Big Band, Whirl Orchestra and Daniel and the Dunder Orchestra.

The music is playful yet thoughtful. Pop melodies in Swedish and English is mixed in a daring way with influences from Zappa, European free jazz and chamber music like Ligeti. They have been credited for their original sound, where the unusual setting is an important element with bass clarinet and barytone saxophone along with Matildas varied style of singing. The band members are all important on the Swedish music scene and have played with numerous artist in Sweden with a big range of styles, such as Loney Dear, Rigmor Gustafsson, Nisse Landgren, Bohuslän Big Band and Lisa Ekdahl to name a few.

Matilda Andersson . vocals
Daniel Gahrton . baritone saxophone
Lisa Grotherus . bass clarinet
Milton Öhrström . piano
Boel Mogensen . upright bass
Julia Schabbauer . drums



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